The Flying Musher has left White Mountain

From The Alaska Dispatch:

WHITE MOUNTAIN — Dallas Seavey was working like a madman as his dog team rolled over a 1,000-foot summit mushers called “Little McKinley” and down the other side to Golovin Bay and on to White Mountain late Monday at the lead of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. From the air, he looked like some sort of “flying squirrel” on the sled behind the team — his arms methodically pounding ski poles into the ground to push the sled ahead, a leg kicked out behind as he pedaled between the runners to help the dogs.

The greatest compliment that can be paid an Alaska musher is that he is “the hardest working dog in the team.” ( ) or (

Dallas has left White Mountain and started on the last part of what can justifiably be termed an epic journey. He is about to become the youngest musher to win the Iditarod. As a 25 year old, he held back early in the race and allowed the race leaders to pass him while he rested his team and allowed his monster to develop. Sled dog physiology is unique: The more they run, the faster and fitter they become and the lest susceptible to fatigue they become. (the opposite to us humans doing endurance or long distance). Dallas allowed his team to develop and then unleashed it in a game plan that showed insight and understanding of the trail and his team. Something that most of the mushers battle to grasp.

Here he is talking about how he built that monster: or

This is compliment of Jeff Schultz – the official Photographer:

Aliy Zirkle on the sea ice.

Here is the GPS map:

Expect Dallas to arrive in Nome after 4pm AKDT, Aliy and Ramey Smyth will be fighting it out for second place. Expect more updates as the study breaks continue during the night.


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