Heading to White Mountain

IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours
From the Ididaride webpage: “The Smyth Factor #iditarod dun dun dun

Out of no where Ramey Smyth has come flying into Elim in first place. Smyth has been dealing with a team of sick dogs, but in the last day or two they have gotten over whatever ailed them and now they’re just SIX MILES behind Dallas. Smyth, for those who followed the race last year, almost took the prize from John Baker. He’s also known for pulling out the speed in this last leg of trail. Both Smyth brothers have that “magic.” I overheard Jeff King tell one of them earlier this year that he doesn’t want them to tell them the secret, but he wants to find out what it is. Cim Smyth told a bunch of us that same day that he just tells the dogs “Let’s go home!” Whatever it is, it works.

Burmeister is still in the hunt, but if anyone can make this race difficult for Dallas and Aliy, it’s going to be Smyth… who just pulled out of Elim without stopping long!”


Sebastian’s photo of Ramey playing catch-up
Full report: http://community.adn.com/?q=adn/node/160290

One thought on “Heading to White Mountain

  1. And that’s exactly “it” – adrenalin rushes….! Fantastic! It’s a fabric of life, an energiser, a launch into what makes life livable! And it is good to see how you are reliving your experience through each moment of theirs this year! Thanks for the sharing, Petros!

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