Leaders in Koyuk – final push about to start. #iditarod

Here is an excerpt from Sebastian’s blog. With his race experince and mushing / dog-interaction skills, his views offer exceptional insight:

“Aliy Zirkle: Weakness in my book are small dogs who struggle more in trail breaking. Strength, they recuperate quicker and recover faster from long tough runs. Aliy is very physically fit and will work up a storm.

Aaron Burmeister: Weakness is smokes like a chimney and is not in the best physical shape. Strength, he is in his home country and still drives a sizable team.

John Baker: Weakness, for some reason he right now is moving slow. Strenth: This is his home country too, he has a big powerful team and can go long distances on little rest

Dallas Seavey. A slight weahness is that he is down to 11 dogs, but 11 dogs can do a lot…. , specially good dogs. Strength: He is patient, determined and experienced.

The race is wide open…. And than there is the trio of 3….. they clearly have the strength of 3 very fast moving teams right now. The race on the coast is ON!!!!”

or http://tinyurl.com/72klc9b

As for my usual haunt, affectionately called Shak’ (Shaktoolik, Population of 240, a village with one road and houses on each side. Nestled between the Bering Sea – Norton Sound- and the Shaktoolik River). The leaders spent minimal time there. This is what they flew past:

That is the village of Shak’.

Looking East.

A team descending onto the river. If you look carefully, at the line of shadows is the marker
indicating where the trail turns left and heads north.

The view north towards Koyuk.



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