First to the coast

On a day when 38 000 cyclists took part in the largest timed cycle event in the world (Cape Argus Cycle Tour, have a look at the video clip here:, the race to the coast was hotting up.

At the time of writing Aliy Zirkle and Dallas Seavey have entered the town of Unalakleet. Ambient temperature is -33degC (-29degF for those non-metric people).

Final approach for ‘UNK’ is influenced by the continuous winds.

The airport building In Unalakleet. The checkpoint is about 500m down the road.

This is a relatively calm day in Unalakleet, with only small pockets of snow being blown across the runway.

An old fishing vessel frozen in for the winter.

New meaning to leather upholstery?

Here are some comments from Sebastian on Saffron, on of his top dogs, who is in Aaron Burmeister’s team. Currently racing in her eleventh 1000 miler (race), she was apparently slow in the beginning of this race because she was too fat.

Here is a summary of the route and tactics involved on the trail heading up the Yukon to the coast:

Thats all (for now) folks.

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