“he was riding his brake”

Update from Sebastian’s FB page:

“Dallas is in Nulato. It surprised me, that he decided to pull over and camp. It will not be a long campout, but he felt he needed to stop. “ Crap is freezing to the runners and booties are going to wear out on a 90 mile run, so I am giving them a quick break here “ . He was moving swiftly about his business. Showing some frustration when the checkers where undecided of where to park him. He wanted to get things done, and done quicky. Very understandably so at this stage in the race. When Dalles passed me on the River, his team was focused, hardly noticed me and I could see he was riding his brake. That is pretty darn nice, considering the position he is in. His team started to bark before they got parked. As soon as Dallas put the straw down, the dogs also went about the business about cleaning themselves of frozen bits of ice and snow. Dalla’s outfit runs as a well oiled machine right now. He is taking a short break, but clearly being patient and waiting to do a move”

At this stage of the race and Dallas is still riding the brake. His team is looking good.

another link to read:



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