So – It is about to begin… #Iditarod

In a little under three quarters of an hour, what has become known at the Last Great Race on Earth will begin. It is close to my heart as most of you reading this will know.

From the distant ends of Darkest Africa – herewith is the beginning of what will be my world for the next two weeks (albeit via the internet).

Here is the link for the live uplink to the start:

The Alaska Daily News has given their insight into this race (
It covers the changes in the route, the purse (all that work for so little?) and bloodlines in this race (three generations of Seaveys; the Smyth brothers; Kristy and Anna – the former my favourite for the last two years and then the Reddingtons of Iditarod history and fame).

This what the start (Ceremonial Start) in Anchorage looks like (copyright Twitter).

These are the 67 Mushers who will be embarking on their 975mile journey, I wish I was there to
help check the dogs and give some encouragement, but alas, hopefully next year.

Lance Mackey’s Maple, wearing the Golden Harness she won in 2010. (the first year I worked on the trail – she was a fantastic little dog)


Peter O’Farrell

“You just gotta go a little bit savage inside” (Hugh Neff, Quest winner 2012)

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