Iditarod 2012

This coming weekend will see the start of The Iditarod 2012. Saturday is the ceremonial start in Anchorage followed by the restart and start of the Last Great Race in Willow, Alaska. For the first time since working on the trail, I will be following from the distant side lines. No sixteen hour long haul flights, no USA immigration interrogations and TSA body cavity searches (see: ) which has recently confirmed my suspicions that airport security measures were essentially window dressing.

As I am half way round the world away from where all the excitement is happening, I will endeavour to post the occasional update accompanied by my picture from previous years (it is the northern route this year) and whatever else I can glean and download from the internet without infringing any copyright laws.

The build up to the race:

20120301-224219.jpg A moose wandering around the parking lot of the Millennium Hotel (centre of race operations in Anchorage)

20120301-224603.jpg How one transports a team of sixteen Alaskan Huskies around.

20120301-224736.jpg Merrill Air Field, the busiest small aircraft airfields in the world during the warmer months. At those times, the ice has melted and all landings / take-offs are water based.

20120301-225025.jpg Jewel Lake. Each house has three parking bays: one for the truck, one for the light aircraft and another for the boat.

Next update: the start.

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