Study Leave

While my intentions to write a succinct year end letter and blog update were scuttled by year end festivities (not my own). The Festive season was truly a time of giving and receiving trauma, namely bodily trauma. Hence I spent an inordinate amount of time at work and minimal time contemplating the year in passing and on self indulgent activities. The fact that my kite had crashed into the deep blue also necessitated a prolonged period on terra firma while it was sent off for repairs. No bodily harm was sustained except a bruised ego.

The following few months will be characterized by me flying far below the radar (please excuse the spelling – I have yet to find how one changes the dictionary on an iPad) with stories of my escapades on my bike (motor/mountain bike), outings with my camera and activities not related to the betterment of health relating to two or four legged species being kept to a minimum. That last sentence would be deemed as being grammatically obtuse by my high school English teacher. Fortunately he is in the Antipodes so is unlikely to be reading this and I am safe from abuse.

In typical photoblog style, I will now cease with the drivel and share some photos of my latest study-leave venue in the Amajuba District.

20120204-160204.jpgWhat it is to be popular

20120204-160257.jpgSurveying ones domain

20120204-160322.jpgit is in the details, macro mode again

20120204-160345.jpgParasol mushroom – excellent when freshly picked and fried for a true farm-style breakfast (thanks Jamie)

20120204-160358.jpgLife is tough being a farm dog in Africa

20120204-160245.jpgGraphics, the calf

20120204-160422.jpgLone tree.

Now back to work later back to studying.


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