A (not so small) taste of what is to come

Brief intro:

I have moved out of the bush and back to Pietermaritzburg. For a weeks holiday I went to Cape Town before heading up to Namibia to paddle on the Orange River and through the Richtersveld. As there are 800 odd photos for me to edit and delete – here are a few to get things going:

Sea Point, Cape Town – before heading north.

En route up the West Coast

Sunset on the Orange River, Namibia.

First day paddling.

Hammerkop nest on the rock face.

Time to stop for lunch.

View for the afternoon while eating canapés and drinking wine.

Proof that a Cape Clawless Otter had been visiting us during the night.

Not all the water was flat,

nor was it slow flowing.

Fortunately no crocodiles or hippos when we ended up swimming.

Not a desolate dessert by any stretch of the imagination.

Some had to work harder than others.

Hunched shoulders and big eyes is a successful way to shoot a rapid.

Not a bad vista.

Last night on the river.

The evening campfire with Fluorspar (Calcium Fluoride) scattered on it.

More photos to follow at a later stage.


3 thoughts on “A (not so small) taste of what is to come

  1. Dont stop the pics… Stunning adventure you folk are having! Have been to the Richtersveld a few times in my life, but from the dolerites, schists and weathered sandstones point of view! Enjoy, amico! G

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