Departing from the Bush in a cloud of smoke.

So my year and a half in the bush is rapidly coming to a close. Within a weeks time I will have packed up the contents
of my chalet and be heading south. Between Scuba-diving gear; a kite-surf rig; my camping gear and of course my
mountain bike with associated gear – the packing will be required to be extra efficient.

As things stand at the moment I will be starting at Northdale Hospital as a medical officer in the orthopaedic department.
My accommodation is on a small holding in the centre of Pietermaritzburg.

The last few months have been a little more chaotic than usual. I decided to attempt writing exams again – so my spare
time was spent mostly pouring over anatomy and physiology books.

What follows is a brief pictorial description of my last few months in the bush. The time has been great. I will depart from
here with mixed feelings.

Waiting for sundowners in Hluhluwe Game Reserve (when staying at staff accommodation there are places one can
alight from ones vehicle that the general public doesn’t have access to).

A Buffalo crossing the river down below.

The morning view.

The view from my chalet (overlooking the runway that was the beginning of many adventures to distant clinics)

The Inglis’s on their return from six months traveling around southern Africa (

Doing a “rogain’ style adventure race in Karlkloof (using a map and compass to find various points in the shortest possible time).
We decided to call it quits after seven hours, we were not the last.

Friday afternoon surprise. Walking home we discovered the fruit of a strong wind and an maximum ambient temperature
of 40degC: a run-away bush fire.

Which spread rapidly torching houses instantly.

…including my neighbours house.

Paddling down the Pongola River. two days, 42km, stacks of birds. Great fun even though we ended up paddling 30km on the second day.

Sunset on the Pongola river.

Our guide, Menzi with a small Tiger fish.

A good camp fire is essential.

Sunrise in Ponta d’Ouro, Mozambique. The start to a rather eventful day which included an early morning work related drama
(people overdoing it the night before and then paying dearly) followed by good diving and relaxation.

Sundowners in Ponta Malangane, Mozambique.

This is me signing out from Northern KZN. Word of advice: If you haven’t visited this part of the world, you need to .


4 thoughts on “Departing from the Bush in a cloud of smoke.

  1. Stunning photos. You should seriously enter some of them into a photography competition. Good luck with your next adventure.

  2. Mate – it was a pleasure experiencing part of your time in Mseleni with you. Raising a glass of the good stuff to you!


  3. Wow!Wow!Wow! I keep thinking I am looking at a coffee book…hint, hint! Indescribably beutiful pictures, what an experience. Mozambique is definitely on the “to do” list… Congrats finding a job in Pmb, ggod luck packing in the coming week! Xx

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