Day 9 – the sea.

Perspective, it has an ability to warp ones views on things.

Nine days ago a whole bunch of us (250 teams) set off from Heidelberg (outside Jo’burg) and headed towards Scottburgh (south of Durban). 122 teams finished.

It was a mountain biking fest. Incredible scenery and vistas. Uphill; downhill; single track; jeep track; forestry roads; district roads; contour paths down cliff faces. Some of the days were the toughest days of Mountain biking / racing / physically pushing myself that I can remember.

All came to an end today with a quick (less than four hours) cycle to the sea (75km). A distance that seems to be a mere warm up now. A distance that can be done with 1xbuckled front wheel (the result of a crash that somehow ended with my partner fracturing a rib – probably closely related to my front wheel).

Over the next few days to weeks I will edit the few photos I have taken and post them. I will endevour to get some of the official photos taken by Kelvin Trautman – a true master photographer. The images he managed to capture really do reflect what we have done, seen and gone through for the preceding nine days.
I may even try to distill some of my thoughts out into some vaguely eloquent writings. On second thoughts probably not. Enjoy the photos.


Typed by my thumbs & sent via my BlackBerry. Peter O’Farrell (BVSc MBBCh). Mseleni, KZN, South Africa.

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