Day 7

Underberg to McKenzie Club

One of the fellow cyclists described the way he was feeling as: “up and about” He then elaborated: “up to sh*t and about to die…”

To paraphrase the MC, anyone planning to emigrate should do the joBerg2c before leaving in order to see what they are leaving behind.
This trip has been and incredible fest of panoramas, vistas and touching the communities that the race passes through (from the schools which benefit from sponsorships as a result of being involved in the race villages to the local communities along the route).

Anyway – a misty start in the foothills of Giants Cup, first through poplar lined district roads followed by every combination of the following:
Pine and eucalyptus plantations, oak forests, jeep track, single track, downhill racing sections.
All meant a great days cycling even with one thornbush encounter and “T-boning a T-junction” due to my front brakes failing.

At 84km it was an easy day. In preparation for tomorrow which is the penultimate day and a hard climb.

Go to the joBerg2c website ( and look at the pictures that have been uploaded.

Typed by my thumbs & sent via my BlackBerry. Peter O’Farrell (BVSc MBBCh). Mseleni, KZN, South Africa.

One thought on “Day 7

  1. Wow! I just looked at the elevation for Day 1…..insane! Those views are breath taking, what an incredible experience! Good luck for tomorrow, hope the saddle soreness or should I say squishness doesnt cause too much discomfort?! Love and hugs,Kerry. 🙂

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