Day 4

Wow – have arrived in Winterton after an incredible day’s cycle.

It was possibly the toughest day of mountain biking I have ever done. Certainly the most spectacular scenery. The technical single track and downhill made the three hard climbs worth it.

My saddle contact point – which I thought was padded enough, isn’t – has a similar appearance to the Japanese flag.

We ended up climbing over 2000m and descending 2700m.
123km in 8.5hrs. Interestingly, both time I fell were in the last 26km – mental & physical fatigue. Glad we did the cycling along cliff faces early in the day when we were all fresh.

Seeing one of the local villagers (near Spionkop) stare in amazement when he found out that we had cycled all the way from Johannesburg was matched when he almost fell of his rock (literally) when I told him where we were going to.

Watching the daily presentations (every evening there is a slide show and video of the best pictures / video clips of the day) made me realise that everyone who cycled today was blown away by the route / cycling and vistas.

Seattle Coffee Company is churning out 1000+ cups of coffee to keep us going.

Apparently Supersport will be doing a live broadcast on Tuesday afternoon.

(another cyclists blog)

Check out the Joberg2c FB page tomorrow for some pictures.

Now time to rest an aching body.


Typed by my thumbs & sent via my BlackBerry. Peter O’Farrell (BVSc MBBCh). Mseleni, KZN, South Africa.

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