Day 2 93km

Day 1’s report back:
One section of the race had 65km of pedaling – no freewheeling / downhill.
Had a slide show and video clip show after supper (Karan Beef steaks – great) of the best of the footage from the day. The logistics and organising here is impressive: medium rare steaks when catering for 400 cyclists and support crews is good.

Today was much quicker – resulting in me being slightly stiffer and more tired this afternoon. Managed to move up to 89th in the race standings – far more respectable.

The route had a grand total of 36km of single track – fantastic.

We also cycled past what is apparently a wolf rehabilitation / rescue setup. The canids seemed to be more canis domesticus (dogs) than canis lupus (wolves). Told Johan (team partner) than the husky / white German Shepard lookalikes seemed more akin to the animals that pet owners would bring into various vet practices that I worked in telling anyone who would listen that they had paid large sums of money for their “timber wolf cross”. I was convinced that they were white GSD’s…

Hot showers, espresso and lunch were a welcome site on arriving in Reitz.

Now for an afternoon horizontal session.

Supper is cooking in the spit braais (yes – plural: I counted 13 of them).


Just had to dash outside and grab all the things from outside and throw them in the tent. The ominous clouds have started to produce some rain.
Typed by my thumbs & sent via my BlackBerry. Peter O’Farrell (BVSc MBBCh). Mseleni, KZN, South Africa.

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