Quick update before heading off in the saddle

Okay, so I have been a little lax in the blogging department. The reason is multifaactorial:
-I have to work occasionally
-I have been training on my shiny mountain bike
-I have resurrected attempts to brush up on my touch typing skills (initially my words per minute score was far slower than my two finger technique!
-I have been editing and deleting many pictures that I accumulated from my (not so recent) trip to Alaska / Canada

In summary: I will be up at sparrows tomorrow to do my ward rpund; drive to clinic (70km) see the patients there; drive to Durban (King Shaka International Airport 3.5hrs); fly to Jo’berg; catch the Gautrain (wil my bike and mininmal luggage); attend the race briefing; do last minute packing before being glued to my saddle for the following nine days (cf: www.joberg2c.co.za – 900km in 9days)

Here ar esome pictures to tide everypne over:

A lion playing “chicken” at Tembe Elephant Park

Sunset with the obligatory Acacia tree (it’s an African thing)

My car the next morning in Tembe (and elephant had destroyed a tree – fortunately my car was spared, just)

Baby giraffe at Phinda

A Khoza with a Big Eye (at Phinda)

Lioness at Phinda

Kalahari Lions settling in at Phinda

Two brothers from Kalahari (now in Phinda)

Afternoon drive along Lake Sibhayi

Heading off for a two day break (Border Cave near Ingwavuma) – Kiwi in the back.

The view from Tiger Lodge overlooking Josini Dam

Andrew and myself about to head off to the hills on a 21km climb that ended badly.

Camping at Border Cave (Andrew not very mobile after a blow-out and subsequent forward somersault )

Child’s grave – the painted shell indicates the beginning of abstract thought – significant milestone in evolution.

Sunset over looking Swazi Sugar cane farms

Colourful caterpillar

That’s all folks. Next update will hopefully be once I have recovered from cycling!


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