Skiing after Alaska

Some of you may have noticed that I was quiet on the blogging front after Alaska.
The Iditarod was fantastic – after which going to Vancouver and Sun Peaks (inland BC) for snow, clear skies and three
days of skiing was a not so relaxing but well earned break. That included a break from downloading and editing photographs.
Currently the folder containing all the Alaska photos is sitting at over nine hundred.

Sun Peaks village

Snow ghosts

Katie and I with the Rockies in the background

Afternoon walks along the golf course

A Snowman determined not to melt

Even though it was Spring break – the queues were manageable

This was the river over which we looked while we had lunch in the town of Hope (one of the locals was most perturbed
that we had taken over her park bench for our lunch break.

Jet Stream in Hope

Harrison Hot Springs

Thereafter I spent the better part of thirty six hours flying back to Jo’berg. (followed by a wedding, then a week of two
calls at the hospital; trips to two different game Parks – Phinda and Tembe Elephant Park- and finishing off the
week/weekend with a cycle up and over the Ubombo mountains and then back again).

More on that in the next post.

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