Shaktoolik revisited

Arriving in Shaktoolik on a Maul 7

This aircraftflew around the world. Not bad for a colourful single engine.

Hendrikson catching a catnap


Kristy leaving Shaktoolik


First light over the Shaktoolik river


Kristy bootie-ing up


Weather forecast: High pressure system over Eastern Russia and Alaska. A weather front moves into the eastern Bering by Thursday. 

This means that the winds that started to pick up last night are going to get worse and the weather will deteriorate.

Blue eyes...


Billy Snodgrass when asked about the wind en route to Shaktoolik: “At least it kept away the mosquitos!”

The smooth Bering Sea


Cold, icy wind.

Rhodi (race judge, completed the race five years ago) procured some fresh Fairbanks salmon. Delicious. Then there was the smoked black cod - a delicacy not available commercially.

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