Time on The Yukon

Camping for four days on the Yukon. Even though it was warmer than last year – it seemed mighty cold at 02:00. First time I have fallen asleep on a haybale (and not fallen off either).

The pictures can tell the rest – mind still too fuzzy to type long sentences, yet alone ensure they are gramatically correct.

Friday – flew out of McGrath and into Unalakleet – brief touchdown before heading straight out to Eagle Island on the Yukon.

Unalakleet - hub further up the trail


The Yukon River from 6500ft

Parking zone on the Yukon

Team entering Eagle Island

Musher resting bay (Rick Swenson - four times winner- passed out on some used hay)


Trapper trail (Mike Lindeen - Iowa)


Billy - the cyclist. Doing the Iditarod trail on his wide rimmed snow tyres, left 27 Feb and hopes to be in Nome by Sunday 20 March. Personally I would prefer having some canine company on the trail.

Leaving Eagle Island Checkpoint at dusk.

Next post:

Shaktoolik  – between the frozen Bering Sea and the iced up Shaktoolik river.


One thought on “Time on The Yukon

  1. Love the one of your hairy flying companion taking in the view out of window. Would love to be one of those pilots!!! Enjoy next post ?another hay barrel balancing exercise

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