Waiting for the tail-enders

  Wednesday (10:00)

Was up at six this morning to relieve those on the graveyard shift. Thirty-one mushers have left McGrath (total of 62 teams – four have scratched).

How to transport little people around in the snow.


By now the teams are starting to spread out – this enabled us to have a great breakfast of eggs Benedict compliments of the chef!

Sunrise over the river from McGrath


Dogs waiting in transit to leave the checkpoint


McGrath Checkpoint at first light


Even the children know that fur works


Waddie McDonald - the flying Scotsman


Spot the Scottish connection


Last team in daylight hours. There are 12 teams still to pass through the Checkpoint.

Now to await the next team – according to the GPS tracker they are 3hours out. We are all hoping that between now and 4am – it will be quieter than last night.


One thought on “Waiting for the tail-enders

  1. Great photos. Wouldn’t have thought an “on heat biatch” would be a chosen dog for the trip but then again you put her in the front chasing down another teams male dogs, it could work I suppose.

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