Bumper Edition – should hit the ethernet before the end of 2010

Two months after my last post, with one hour to go until the start of 2011 (yes I am working – hence the late night email)

What follows is a photographic representation of some of my extra-curricular activities (not all entirely legal – cf walking to Mozambique for lunch on Boxing day). As has tended to be the trend with my blog – the pictures I manage to take seem far more eloquent than my ramblings.

Currently I am more than halfway through my Community Service at Mseleni Hospital – northern KwaZulu Natal. My plans for when I complete my contract here seem to change every month (well technically the order with which I plan to do things changes regularly). As of today, my ticket to Alaska / Vancouver is booked. I will once again be working on the trail (Iditarod 2011) followed by some quiet time on the snow (realistically – no chance of it being quiet or low key…) in Canada. I have also stared training for a mountain bike event at the end of April: “joberg2c” (www.joberg2c.co.za) 900km in nine days. There won’t be much sitting after those nine days.
I suspect that I may end up doing some studying and exams in some form or other – need to keep my eye in somehow.

Now for the eloquent part of the post: Enjoy.


Holly exploring the local market in Ponta d’Oro – Mozambique

A reliable workhorse – Ponta d’Oro.

View while driving through Van Reenen’s Pass – something I seldom got to appreciate while doing the trip regularly
while doing my internship in Pietermaritzburg

The start of the “Mseleni Fun Run” organised by Sandy (the ED Consultant from Christchurch – ex Edendale Hospital).
There where a few injuries at the start (red top en route to performing a badly timed face plant)

The end of the Fun Run.

One impromptu afternoon run on the beach after work resulted in a turtle sighting – we saw her heading up the beach
and laying the 100plus eggs.

After work at the Lake – Sandy fishing, Holly parking off in the water – everyone else watching for crocs and hippos.

Painted Reed frog at the lake.

View from the porch at Nibela Lodge – 50km south of the hospital – great getaway – will be going back to try out the
quad bikes and mountain biking.

Zara (Sandy’s youngest) photographing one of the Big Tuskers at Tembe Elephant Park.

Ants Marching – some of the smaller creatures seem on our epic weekend at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

The research camp at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

Sunset view (Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park)

The beginning of a great day: Saw the Big Five, Cheetah, hyena, herd of about 40 elephant silhouetted by a massive
electric storm. (Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park)

The Leopard (grainy image as it was at dusk)

Two Kiwi Medical students – Va’He and Aaron – easiest way to store and transport then… (Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park)

View from one of the hides (Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park)

Lobola Ceremony (after a zulu couple are ready to get married – the groom will pay the father of the bride a lobola – 11 cattle- and
it is celebrated by a ceremony such as this one. Guests pin bank notes to the brides hat. (Hlabisa)

Dancing at the Lobola ceremony. (Hlabisa)

Christmas Day in the wards.

Teaching one of the patients to play Jenga – great distraction for someone who has been in traction for over a month.

Boxing day walk: Parked the car at Kosi Bay Mouth and walked to Ponta for lunch. The round trip was 20km – fresh Barracuda and Prawns combined with a great walk and vista – fantastic way to spend a Sunday

Route for lunchtime walk

First of many crabs (Kosi Bay)

Another crab (Kosi Bay)

somewhere between Kosi and Ponta.

Sand patterns

Walking around the corner and into Mozambique

View while consuming fresh seafood. (Va’he, Sunette, Afsana, Aaron). Ponta.

Now let me get back to work. Next post will be next year sometime.


2 thoughts on “Bumper Edition – should hit the ethernet before the end of 2010

  1. An absolute delight when catching up with Peterthevet! Always! Many thanks for finding the time to write and post pics. Every blessing on your adventures taking you into 2011. I am off Thursday to Cairo-Alexandria (just had a bomb, I see)-Rome (retreat)- Tarsus&Antioch(Turkey) – and a week’s “rest” in London. Gotta use up free air tickets before they expire… well, that’s my excuse! Ciao! Amigo.

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