This Hedonistic Lifestyle

Since I last wrote (blogged?) I have survived a further two kitesurfing lessons (today was the third lesson – after diving in
Sodwana Bay in the morning, I drove to Richards Bay for an almost four hour lesson. My logic at this stage translates to
if I can kitesurf in gusty / less than ideal conditions, good weather will be incredible to surf in).

Weekend activities outside of the Northern KZN arena, well there was Cape Town last weekend and Pietermartizburg
the weekend prior to that (the latter being for a refresher anaesthetic course). the course was for one day – that meant
there were two evenings and one day to find suitable activities. As I was the only fully fledged South African, I took on
the responsibility of being Chief tour guide / head of the entertainment committee.

So please allow the pictures to tell a story.
(Maybe not the whole story – those will be better described in person at a later stage).

The view overlooking Karlkloof. (PMB)

Tensions were running high at the beginning of the canopy tour. (Simon, Afsana and Jo)

Not a bad way to savour the view of the Karkloof forest canopy. (Aurelie)

Simon doing an obligatory pole dance on a tree (having been inspired by events the night before).

Cape Town Baby! Flying into the Mother City – the weather obliging us for the entire (long) weekend.

An ideal venue to browse appetizers, home made food of every imaginable variation.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon – Diemersfontein “Pinotage on Tap” (and it was – in copious amounts)

And so the party started (Joanna, Aurelie and Ruben – three UK trained doctors working at the same hospital as me in Northern KZN).

So the next morning, all nursing hangovers, we headed up Table Mountain. The group decision to add some adrenalin
to the fresh (rarified) air resulted in us abseiling halfway down the mountain after catching the cable car up to the top.

Yes – that rope is part of the route down. On closer inspection it will become clear that the rope is hanging freely – in places it was 2-3m away from the rock face.

Group photo after the adrenalin rush.

Hermanus for some Whale watching (land based and sea kayak based whale watching)

Monday afternoon and it was time to head back to the airport and begin the journey to the diagonally opposite corner of the country.

And this is where I spent my Saturday afternoon(today): 200km drive from where I live – absolutely worth it.

Thanks to everyone for the comments – I have yet to get organised enough to reply individually (well, the time I should
spend at my computer – iMac – is usually spent driving to these abovementioned places), so keep posting the comments
and I will keep posting the photos.


PS: for those of you who know Splash:
I took these photos soon after speaking to the Judes on Thursday evening. So these images are for you.

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