October update – in-between all the work

Having arrived home a few hours ago – bruised, stiff and tired from the first three hours of willingly (managing) to steer a kite sufficiently so that I could be dragged around the beach. Next lesson will be a repeat performance – only on the water.

Since my last update… I have been back to Ponta (Mozambique) for a second time; driven to Sodwana Bay on a Monday afternoon (worked the entire weekend) – ran along the beach and then went for sundowners (incredibly civilised except the entire “sundowner” concept is rather a tenuous association on the Eastern coast – it basically doesn’t happen); did an ultrasound course in Empangeni (big city lights an’ all – not a great town by any stretch of the imagination); visited a traders (not a tourist) market 50m on the Mozambican side of an informal border post; spent the afternoon at Kosi Bay Mouth (now I see why it has been declared a world heritage site).

More excitement to follow: Next couple of weeks will include a weekend in Pietermaritzburg doing an anaesthetics course, Cape Town for a wine festival and whale visiting session; a locum (vet) in Jo’burg – ahhh, civilisation my friend.

Even more excitement is planned for next year – all plans are definitely in the initial phases, when things become more definite I will let everyone know. In the meantime, for those who have travel plans for the second half of 2011, let me know – will try and co-incide travel schedules.

Now for the photos – Enjoy.

Me finding much enjoyment after discovering a good source of caffeine

The road to Ponta….

Holly loving the Mozambican beach. It is far less regulated than the South African Equivalent.

Kids having fun in Mozam.

The local equivalent of “big brother is watching”

After having made the border crossing with one minute to spare…

Farewell Sundowners – the water reservoir next to the hospital not only gives a good view – it also lends itself to being exploited with a camera.

Drinks overlooking Sodwana Bay

What is higher than the water reservoir? The water tower.

Vibrant colours in Ponta D’ouro – Mozambique

Kosi Bay Mouth – traditional fishing entails a funnel type system to entrap the fish. A concept of fishing that I could become acquainted to.

Reeds weighing approximately 35kg (I tried it)

Dave (an Emergency Physician / A&E doctor from Sacramento) and his wife, Jan, visiting us here in Darkest Africa.

The face that carries the reeds.

Kosi Bay Mouth

Sandy and Ilda’s two girls.

Joseph (one of the doctors working at Mseleni) standing next to his first house. He was tending to cattle until the mid 1980’s.

Next to Joseph’s house: his son, Sandy’s daughter and her grandfather from France.

The traders market: Mozambican border police under the tree on the left, the South African equivalent in Battle / Camouflage fatigues on the right of the fence.

Dave trying some of the “Lala Palm” beer. A locally brewed beer from the sap from the palm trees (“lala” equating to lie-down).
The brew goes for about ZAR70.00 for 20 litres. I would consider it an acquired taste. One taste I will gladly not acquire.

My mid-morning snack. Fresh fried fish with chili onion pesto.

When bicycles can keep up with the 4×4 you are traveling in.

Next update will be on How I survived my second Kite-surfing lesson…


One thought on “October update – in-between all the work

  1. Great to witness your living life to the full, my freind…! You make the most of every experience and keep “moving on”! Wonderful to “see”! Needless to add: “don’t stop!” Big hug to the coasts below Ingwavuma ukuphi bengifunda isiZulu! Also waded across Kosi Bay mouth at a spring low tide years ago… to the horror of my priest-friends from Star. Ciao! G

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