Tough life this living in Africa

So I am back in the fold. Spend the evening on call, currently waiting for a pregnant lady to come to the party and deliver her baby. She is currently not keeping up her side of the deal. If things continue as the have been I will be doing a caesarian section on her at midnight. That will be an improvement on the previous two call when I was cutting at 3am – not very sociable times of the morning.

My four month rotation of Maternity / Antenatal wards / Nursery is coming to an end. Next I will be crossing over to the insalubrious side of the hospital: Male Medical / Surgical wards. Next week I will be exploring the night life in Empangeni /Richard’s Bay while doing an ultrasound course. May even watch a movie (closest movie to here is a two hour drive).

Enough about work. Two weekends ago a bunch of us ventured up north and (legally) crossed the border into Mozambique to stay in Ponta D’ouro for the weekend. I say legally as we discovered (it had been rumoured previously) that to go to Ponta for the weekend was easy without a passport. One merely has to walk for a couple of hours along the beach. This is a rather appealing thought to me: Walk to Mozambique for a lunch of fresh prawns and Barracuda before walking home. Below are (some of the not too incriminating) pictures. Went diving twice, walked repeated on the beach (which Holly loved – yes, she too went to Mozambique!) saw dolphins surfing ate fresh seafood.

Yours truly attempting to shoot some pool. My hustling skills deserted me.

Sitting around the open air Bar / nightclub.

Didn’t manage to work this one out. Tried again after a few drinks – didn’t make sense then either.


There were a multitude of open air venues to sit and enjoy the setting sun and vista.

Holly helping people overcome their fear of dogs (yes – I trained her well, she has good taste)

This was the view while eating lunch(prawns and Barracuda). If one looks carefully one may see two kite-surfers. I will revisit that observation later.

Three legal tourists in Ponta, two “unofficial” walkers. (having read the earlier text, it should be possible to do basic mathematics and work that one out)

Not a bad way to get around when it is too windy to dive. Kite-surfing has once again piqued my interest. Hopefully the next pictures will be of me gracefully swanning around the waves (well maybe not so gracefully).

Now for a pictorial summary of the trip to Kruger National Park (friday was a public / bank holiday, so we left work on thursday afternoon, stayed in Swaziland for the evening and then headed to Kruger the next morning). It entailed a significant amount of driving which was made all worthwhile when we saw the hyena pups, dwarf mongooses (or should that be Mongeese?).

A lone vulture awaiting the early evening.

The first siting of the hyena pups I mentioned. This was en route out of the park prior to closing time.

The size of those feet and claws (look on the tree, above his nose…) never ceases to amaze me.

A Saddle Billed Stork ( apparently less than 100 individuals left in SA) eyeing out a skittish impala doe.

Three zebras falling victim to me playing with my camera settings.

Giraffe at sunset

Hyenas spotted when leaving the park for a second consecutive day.

Tails are apparently a fine source of ectoparasites.

Serious spiderwebs

More silhouettes

A dwarf mongoose before flying (almost) off into the bushes

Elephant close-up

Long tailed shrikes posing.

Another poser (with colours like that, it is acceptable)

Two curious but definitely shy, juvenile hyenas.

Now it is time for me to head back to do what I am paid for. Enjoy the pictures. Comments always welcome – I will endeavour to reply to them.


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