Overdue August Update

So I have been a little scarce the last two months….

Started off with studying for exams (will find out soon the outcome of all the studying). Since the exams I have been keeping myself relatively busy when not at work. What follows is a pictorial blog of the last two months.

Housemate – doen’t pay rent and doesn’t have a name. The curtains – no, I did not choose them!

The view from my balcony one morning

Orion and Taurus Constellations with the new moon. (view from the aforementioned balcony)

Deserted church at sunset (this is en route to work – which is a 6minute walk)

Crop Circle (irrigated pasture) en route to Mkhuze (I was palmed off to Bethesda Hospital to help out for a few day – OPD work and cutting caesarian sections as they were short staffed).

Mkhuze runway (near Bethesda Hospital)

Mseleni Hospital (building to the left) and Airstrip

Reason number 48 for doing a low level fly-past prior to landing (clear the airstrip of soccer players and spectators prior to landing)

Holly’s fan club while walking one evening

Ritual burning

Striking hospital staff ensuring others wouldn’t enter the hospital premises.

Holly on one of the sand-dunes near the hospital.

Local kids enjoying the sand-dunes

Holly waiting to find out which form of transport she was going to catch a ride on to get back home.

Driving back to civilisation for a fish braai – totally worth the long drive.

Finished work at Mduku Clinic early so decided to stop of in Phinda game reserve and look for hippos before heading home (75km drive)


The hippos we were looking for.

Evening braai at Lake Sibaya (3km walk from home)

Sandy and Ilda tending the braai

Holly with another fan.

I am on call for a second time this week. Life is tough. Started the week tired after driving to Ponta D’ouro (Mozambique) for the weekend and now packing again as we are heading off to Swaziland tomorrow evening and then spending three days in the Kruger National Park. So no sympathy required.

I will send more details of Ponta and Kruger in the next few weeks when I have more time to compose a succinct yet eloquent precise of my work / travels.


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