The beginning of a year in the bush

Ok, so the blog that I initially delved into while in Alaska is in the process of being re-activated and polished (bear with me here). The underlying reason is that I am in an area that until two weeks ago, sending a one line text email would entail clicking send and going to bed. If the planets were correctly aligned, the moon was full and there was an un-interupted power supply all night – the email would go through. Receiving a reply would have to wait until the next day. Fortunately Vodacom reponded to my emails and phone calls and have upgraded the signal to this area. (managed a video Skype phone call last weekend).

Sending numerous emails with pictures attached is not the most efficient process in the world even with this new found internet Speed, hence me having another attempt at a blog.

Most of you will have received earlier photos.

This is a view from where I work:

This is how I travel to my residential clinic on most Fridays:

Below are some pictures of the community:

Umkhanyakude, name of the famous yellow-barked fever tree, literally meaning “seen from afar”. The district in which I stay is named after this.

These are the cows on the airstrip outside my parkhome (I live in the one in the middle):

Last weekend I went up the coast to a place called Rocktail Bay: Aimed at overseas tourists, we managed a special price (one third the going rate) as they were quiet due to the Soccer World Cup Final. Dived on the reef – pristine reefs, never commercially dived. The resort dive concession is the only concession to dive there in the last eleven years (nothing before that). The potatoe bass each have a name, the Honeycomb Moray eel likes to have his back scratched – carefully.

View that I woke up to in the morning:

Beaches are quiet – ideal for me to play around with my camera undisturbed.

That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “The beginning of a year in the bush

  1. Wow, Peter those pictures are amazing. Looks so tranquil. What a year you are having with all the different experiences, you cant say your life is boring!!! Looking forward to reading the next adventure. Take care Laura

  2. Peter,
    It looks wonderful. We follow your travels with interest. England seems quite dull by comparison!


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