Second update from Shaktoolik

Ok – so managed another break with enough time to go up to the school this morning.

Al – yes it is possible to go cycling here – wheels look more like motorcycle tyres and one does a great deal of pushing according to those who cycle here (bumped into two cyclists who had cycled from Anchorage to Finger Lake – 300-400miles – they were waiting for a plane to fly them out as the trail ahead would have entailed a 300mile trip with a climb of about 1000feet – mostly pushing).

Now photos seem to be uploading today.

The leaders are about 60miles away from the finish. So we have the tail enders coming through Shaktoolik (713miles on the trail). Most of them stay over and rest from 3-6hours.

It is interesting chatting to the different volunteers working here. Incredibly varied backgrounds, some being really strange (!)

The temperature here is -10F – wind chilly varies as there is always a wind blowing. Last night the wind speeds were about 10-20miles per hour. Apparently every one mile per hour of wind speed equates to one degree Fahrenheit. Yes it gets cold here! Getting dressed to go outside and check the teams as the arrive takes about 7minutes. No one stays outside longer than necessary.

I will probably be flown off the trail on Thursday – fly to Unankleet (the closest hub) – and a small town which is even windier than Shaktoolik (the latter being a town of 200 people, one street – to the west is the Beiring Sea and to the east is the Shaktoolik river.  Distance from Beiring Sea to the river is less than 100metres). From Unankleet I will probably go straight to Anchorage.

Off to take some dropped dogs to the plane.


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