Shaktoolik -Monday Afternoon

This is a slow internet connection so will try squeeze in some photos and some news.

Ophir in the early hours

Norbert taking a break in the early hours while waiting for the next musher team.

DeeDee at Ophir - all kitted out in pink for Breast Cancer

Middie Johnston entering the Ophir Checkpoint

The minus 40 club - went down to 46 below, fortunately no wind chill.

Newton & Bruce (former is a Jamaican Musher - doesn't like going out if its less than -20degF)

Team leaving Ophir

The IFL - Iditarod foreign legion: Alan (Aus); Tanya (Ger); me (SA); Norbert (Aus).


More to follow later – rushing back to the check point.


2 thoughts on “Shaktoolik -Monday Afternoon

  1. Those are stunning photos Pete!! 🙂 It seems like you are having the time of your life! Like the frostbite photo 😉 Looking forward to more updates of the adventure..

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