Quick update (Tuesday evening)

Flew into Anchorage 45min ago.

Saturday: Up and at the Ceremonial start in town at 06:30. Great to see all the dogs all fired up. (Will post pictures tomorrow)

At midday received the call that I had an hour to get my bags and be at the Merill Field Airport (Anchorage).  Flew in to Finger Lake. Spent Sunday setting up -pictures will explain most.

Finger Lake ready for the onslaught


First team came in at 02:19 – we had been waiting (receiving regular updates) since midnight. Last team (71 in total) left at 22:00.

Perfectly warm and comfortable, not losing any heat.


Musher and part of his team


Kristy Berington Leaving Finger Lake


Glorious day on the lake today. Flew out at last light due to bad weather at Anchorage. flying out again tomorrow morning.

Eight dogs loaded and ready to fly back.



6 thoughts on “Quick update (Tuesday evening)

  1. Looks absolutely fantastic, but would love to see some photos of you Pete, thanks for keeping me updated

  2. WOW!!!!! They are right when they say a picture speaks a thousand words. WOW!!! I’m almost speechless. What an amazing experience. b.t.w. “HAPPY ST. PADDY’S DAY”, probably quite difficult for you to find something green under all the snow, I’ll make a plan here!! Take care and keep having the ultimate blast!! Love, hugs and smiles. Kerry.

  3. Thanx for the info and the amazing pics!
    They say so much … you come across blissfully
    happy. Wot a way to plunge yourself into the
    tip of America! Hug! G

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