Anchorage by day

Friday afternoon:

Spent the morning downtown – followed by another attempt at re-packing. Streamlining attempts to pack less gear and have warmer clothes.

The afternoon comprised of taking Norbert’s travelling companion (Bruce) around Anchorage.

For the first time this week – the cold weather was definitely palpable. Ambient temperature was hovering at freezing point – however the wind dropped the temperature dramatically. The winds seem to be ensuring that no-one can get out yet. Norbert will be a Yentna (the teams will be going through there between 4pm and midnight on Sunday).  I am going to Finger Lake – the lead teams will be there at daybreak on Monday.

Upmarket living

Chugach Mountain Range from Jewel Lake

Those are the mountains (yes that is a snow storm) that the mushers and us will be heading into soon.

Kenai Mountain Range with Bruce in the foreground

Take off from Anchorage Airport

Trish, do you really want to flush embryo's on this thing???

Bruce overlooking Anchorage

Alternative method of walking (skiing) ones dog on a Friday afternoon.

Now for some supper and an update on the flying conditions.


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