Life above the 48th Parallel

My first siting of a moose (from Breakfast table)

This is the first moose I have seen. Was grazing on the tree (Stalks?) while we were having breakfast.

Small airfield near the Hotel – next to were the moose was browsing. During the summer, it is the busiest small aircraft airfield in the north. In the background is Anchorage International Airport.

VW from  WWII

This is Chris and that is his car. Chris offered to be our driver for the day (Monday) –  visiting outdoor shops, Walmart and the like. His car is a VW from circa 1940’s. It is great fun driving in it – it slides around on the ice and snow relatively well. It is a stark contrast to the huge SUV’s on the road. Apparently it takes five minutes to loosen four bolts and remove the entire engine. German engineering at its best?


Norbert trying out a sleeping bag for size. Sleeping bag needs to keep its inhabitant warm at about -20 to -30 degrees Centigrade.

Lectures start today, so no more time for shopping and preparations. The studying begins now.


2 thoughts on “Life above the 48th Parallel

  1. Hey there P,
    How’s the coat standing up to the cold? Good choice? Lot more snow there than we have here in Vancouver. Perhaps they should have had the Olympics there instead!!!!
    all looks like great fun. Keep the blogs coming.


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