Currently sitting in a lecture entitled: “training the Sled Dog for Athletic Competition”. I am entering The realm of the professional athlete.

This morning comprised of a combination of three hours of Sled Dog Orthopaedics and vEterInary checkpoint protocols.

Tomorrows plans includes leaving Anchorage at 6am and heading out to Wassilla. There will be almost 30 teams of 16 dogs that are from out of state and need to be examined. (every dog on the trail must be examined within two weeks of the start of the trail.)

Anyway, lecture topic has now changed to the fascinating subject of diarrhoea, worms and sled dogs.


Typed by my thumbs and sent via my BlackBerry. Peter O’Farrell (BVSc MBBCh). Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

2 thoughts on “Lectures

  1. I was starting to hear the theme music from “Chariots of Fire” until I go to the bit about diarrhoea and worms. That’s up there with anal glands in terms of the joys of veterinary medicine.

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