of Peripatetics and peregrinations…

ok, for those of you not in the know: Google it.   (it was necessary for yours truly to search the world wide web in order to clarify the meanings of those previous mentioned “big words”, so consider it homework for the day).

Aristotle's School, a painting from the 1880s by Gustav Adolph Spangenberg

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peripatetic_school (here is the link)

So the long trek to get to Alaska started on Friday evening in. Jo’burg. Successfully avoiding any major delays in the (hopefully soon to be completed) new road networks that SANRAL is working on in the city.

Almost 20 000km and five safety demonstrations later, I was ready for a comfortable bed. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for all involved in the Winter Olympics) spring has arrived early in Vancouver. This meant that being separated from my luggage and warm clothing ( I made the transfer in LAX- my luggage didn’t) wasn’t a problem. An evening of great company, food and wine ensued. This included much hilarity and even some late night DIY to fix the door bell so I would wake up when my luggage was delivered at 1am.

The slow start this morning (Sunday) was soon changed to some serious hill work. A run at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. (http://www.sightseeingvancouver.ca)

Now I am back at YVR, about to embark on final leg of my trip (flying, not walking) to Anchorage.


2 thoughts on “of Peripatetics and peregrinations…

  1. sounds like fun pete … 🙂 In our thoughts loads !
    Ha.. you draw rather strong similarities to Aristotle.. ! hehe 🙂
    Take care of yourself. will be in touch.

  2. Great picture – P.
    Pity you didn’t show any of the hills….nobody is going to believe you that your hosts dragged you out of bed on a Sunday morning, (after a rather well oiled evening) …..for a run!!!
    Great to have you to stay – pity it was so short.


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