the preparations continue

Opted to abandon gym and exercise tonight in favour of spending a quiet evening at home going through the three checklists that will dictate my life for the first three weeks of March: (vet-list, personal kit list and the “panic list”)

The first two are self exploanatory. The latter one is the list of everything that I have to do / buy / procure/ borrow / phone / email and read before I leave.  As my departure date is a mere twenty-one days to go and  considering I have six calls to do for paediatrics and one weekend (vet) locum to do in Jo’burg in that time things could become a little tight.

At the moment I have piled all the equipment I possess onto my bed to brainstorm and decide what is left to get.

Dog-sledding within the Artic Circle


3 thoughts on “the preparations continue

  1. Impossible to talk about such wonderful photographs without resorting to cliches!
    I’d love to know what the “obvious” vet check-list is: is most of it orthopaedic stuff, or do you just take everything?

  2. Good luck with this amazing adventure. Its going to be extremely interesting to follow your experience. Be careful Neville does not join you!!! Pity I live so far away else I could organise.

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